Free TPS Reference Dose Specification: Dose to Water vs. Dose to Muscle webinar hosted by WePassed

By Christina Ruiz, February 16, 2018


Title: TPS Reference Dose Specification: Dose to Water vs. Dose to Muscle

Speaker: Vladimir Feygelman, Ph.D., Medical Physicist, Radiation Oncology Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 27th at 5 PM EST


This Webinar provides a preview of the forthcoming Report of the AAPM working group on reference dose specification for dose calculations.  The Report provides guidance on the best practice of obtaining dose-to-muscle as the final product of treatment planning, while reference linac calibration is specified in water.

Dose-to-muscle (tissue)  is required by the cooperative groups. Until now, about 25% of the sites monitored by IROC Huston specify their absolute calibration in muscle, through application of the 0.99 multiplicative correction, regardless of the TPS used. The Report analyzes each commercial TPS and algorithm on a one-by-one basis and recommends when such correction should be applied to the TPS reference dose.



About the Speaker:

Vladimir M. Feygelman graduated from the Department of Physics at Rostov State University in the former U.S.S.R in 1982 with a degree in Laser Physics. In 1985 he was awarded a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the same university. Since 1990 Dr. Feygelman is involved in Medical Physics, first as a Post Doc at the University of Florida (Gainesville), and then as a clinical radiotherapy physicist in Canada and USA. In 2006  he joined the faculty of Moffitt Cancer Center. Currently, he is a Senior Faculty Member at Moffitt and Professor at USF Department of Oncologic Sciences. Dr. Feygelman divides his time between clinical duties, research, and teaching physics Ph.D. students and medical residents. As a senior physicist, he is responsible for implementation of all major technological developments at the Department of Radiation Oncology. His research interests are primarily focused on quality assurance of complex advanced treatments. Dr. Feygelman was a member of the AAPM Task Group 244 on commissioning of dose calculations. He was the principal writer of the IMRT/VMAT section. Currently, he serves as a Co-Chair of the AAPM working group on reference dose specification in treatment planning systems. Dr. Feygelman is an author of over 50 peer-reviewed papers on Medical Physics and was an invited speaker at various national and international meetings such as AAPM, ESTRO, and IEEE.