Upcoming FREE webinar on SGRT: The use of Surface Imaging in Radiation Oncology

By Christina Ruiz, April 04, 2018

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Title: SGRT: The use of Surface Imaging in Radiation Oncology

Speaker: Dr. Laura Padilla

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 18th EST, 2018 at 5:00 pm EDT

Surface imaging is a technology that is becoming increasingly prevalent in radiation oncology departments.  Through the use of non-ionizing radiation, surface imaging systems aid in the initial setup of patients and allow the radiotherapy team to perform continuous intra-fraction monitoring without the delivery of additional dose.  While these systems have limitations, their use can improve clinical workflow and enhance patient safety and comfort. Currently, they are most commonly used for Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) treatments of left-sided breast patients and for stereotactic radiosurgery with open masks; however, their application can be expanded well beyond these.  This webinar will give an overview of current surface imaging technology and its clinical uses and offer a glimpse of what its future applications may be.


Meet the Speaker: 

Dr. Laura Padilla received her doctorate in medical physics from the University of Florida in 2012.  Upon completion of her degree, she went to the University of Chicago for residency. It was during her training there that she started using surface imaging in the clinic, and investigating the role of this technology on research applications such as collision detection.  Since then, she joined the faculty group at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she is an assistant professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She continues to integrate surface imaging in the clinic to improve patient safety and clinical workflow, and she is one of the authors of the upcoming TG-302 report on surface imaging uses in radiation oncology.