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By Christina Ruiz, August 29, 2019

Title: Valuable aspects of commissioning a flattening filter-free linear accelerator

Speaker: Tucker J. Netherton, DMP

Date/Time: Thursday, October 10th at 6:00 PM EDT 


The Halcyon linear accelerator has many components and features that are unique when compared to conventional linear accelerators. However, medical physics practice guidelines and relevant task group reports explain how to handle output calibration, commissioning, and quality assurance. This webinar focuses on what to consider when commissioning a new linear accelerator and how to characterize important flattening-filter-free beam characteristics.  


About the Speaker: After matriculating into Vanderbilt University’s DMP program in 2012, Tucker J. Netherton developed a deep understanding of medical physics while under the mentorship of Dr. Charles Coffey and Dr. Manuel Morales. In addition, he completed a 2-year clinical residency that was supplemented with advanced didactic coursework in radiotherapy, brachytherapy, quality assurance, and dosimetry. Having a growing interest in academic research, he began his academic training at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2016 to obtain his Ph.D. and is currently a graduate student in Dr. Laurence Court’s lab. The first two years of his Ph.D. focused on commissioning and treatment planning on the Halcyon linac. During this time, he received his full board certification and released the first joint-institutional commissioning study on the Halcyon for publication. His current research is focused on using deep learning to automate treatment planning for the palliation of bony metastases. His career aspirations are to be an educator in medical physics and to practice clinical medical physics while leading an academic research team to improve radiotherapy through translational science.