Jan 2014: With much anticipation, Diagnostic Medical Physicists are welcomed to the WePassed family with their own oral exam preparation section. Our ABR-certified Diagnostic Medical Physicist continues to diligently churn out question and answer to expand your knowledge and focus your preparation.

Jul 2013: WePassed broadens exam preparation offerings to include the Part 1 written exams (both the general physics and clinical sections) for medical physicists seeking ABR certification. Candidates can now arm themselves with the WePassed online arsenal of study materials for all of their certification exams!

Jun 2013: Expanding beyond the medical physics world, WePassed enters the Medical Dosimetry certification markplace.  To kickoff this new study section, WePassed sponsors a booth at the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists annual meeting in San Antonio, TX.  Thanks to all of the nutty (and fun) CMDs and candidates for the rip-roaring good time and useful feedback!

May 2013: WePassed purchases exclusive online rights to the Foundation of Radiological Physics Textbook with companion study and solutions guide by Cheng Saw, Ph.D. (C.B. Saw Publishing, LLC, Harrisburg, PA, sites.google.com/site/cbsaw2009/home).  This textbook covers primary elements of general, atomic and nuclar physics along with necessary depth in mathematics, radiobiology and health physics making it a truely useful reference for board exam preparation.

Apr 2013: The iOS WePassed app is available from the Apple Store allowing iPhone and iPad users to consume WePassed content on the go in a cleaner and more efficient manner.  The Android app is offered in Google Play soon thereafter.  Best of all, both apps are FREE!

Mar 2013: WePassed expands beyond oral exam preparation and begins offering subscriptions to the ABR Therapeutic Medical Physics written exam (Part 2).  This study section is populated by hundreds of multiple choice questions with detailed step by step solutions and explanations.  Dozens of critical topics are covered by PPT and PDF documents taylored to efficiently impart required knowledge.

Feb 2013: WePassed purchases exclusive online rights to the Medical Dosimetry Certification Study Guide written by Govinda Rajan, Ph.D. (Medical Physics Publishing, Madison, WI, www.medicalphysics.org).  With more than 1000 questions, this workbook is a deep source of content which we update prior to incorporating into WePassed.

Jan 2013: WePassed purchases exclusive rights to the Medical Dosimetry Workshop / Dosimetry Calculation Review Course organized and run by Steve Yan, CMD at Gwynedd Mercy College, Gwynedd Valley, PA.  Steve worked as a medical dosimetrist at numerous leading institutions in the Philadelphia area for many years and we have incorporated his clinical experience into our materials.

Mar 2010: WePassed opens for business! Public launch focuses on ABR Therapeutic Medical Physics oral exam preparation.  In addition to providing comprehensive study materials in easily digested bite sized chunks, an oral exam simulator (think virtual mock orals with a memory) is offered to aid subscribers with the delivery aspect of the examination.

Jan 2010: Official mini launch of WePassed.com to select users for beta testing.